Our Story

Why we start One Dear World

We are a diversified family based in London who believes that the world will be a better place when we all have a better understanding of foreign people and culture. I am from Hong Kong and my husband Rafael is half French half Greek. Having grown up in different cultural background, we have different point of view towards a lot of issues. Even minor things like how we arrange our stuffs, what to keep and what to throw can often heat up the debate.

our-story-alexAnd then a baby was born that changes everything! We still have lots of arguments (somehow even more when both our families don’t speak the same language and don’t share the same cultural background), but we also started to learn from each other and through our journey of parenthood.
My AHA moment came when I attended a Montessori playgroup with little Alex. The teacher presented us a real caterpillar in a sealed jar and one of the mums started to freak out, the teacher then said, “if this is how you respond to a caterpillar, that’s how your child will respond to it in the future too.” That’s the instant I realised how we can shape our children’s view to the world without even knowing it.


That little incident inspired me to create multicultural soft dolls that introduce our dear world to children from a young age. With the support and encouragement from my husband, One Dear World™ was set up in 2016. We hope this venture can help bring more compassion to the world and generate enough revenue in the future for us to give back to charities that support children and education. To make this happen, we will first launch a kickstarter campaign in Q1 2017 and aim to hit the mass market in end 2017. We will update the progress of our campaign from time to time across all our platforms. Please sign up below to follow us and help spread the words!


Winnie, Rafael & Alexander

From One Dear World