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One Dear World is where we celebrate our differences

We believe all children, both boys and girls, deserve a doll that represents them as well as dolls that look different from them.

Meet the dolls


Place of birth: Accra

Favourite quote:

If you can dream it, you can do it


Place of birth: Hong Kong

Favourite quote:

Peace starts with a smile


Place of birth: Mumbai

Favourite quote:

Be yourself, but always your better self


Place of birth: Oslo

Favourite quote:

A kind word, A kind world

Their Story

Living in multicultural London

Each comes from a different cultural background, Hope, Jun, Lea and Parth are good friends living in the same town in London.

They have a buddy called Mr. Globe

He's mostly happy, sometimes cheeky and rarely grumpy.

Mr. Globe falls ill one day

OH NO! He's suffering from BAD headache and his buddies are worried...

What are they going to do?

With a clue from Mr. Globe, they are going on a journey in London to look for magic hats in order to cure his headache! Where are they visiting in London? Will they succeed?

Check it out in our storybook!

The book will be officially published in October and is now available for pre-order. Don't miss the opportunity to be the first to read the book!


I have three kids with different characteristics, and let them know to accept each other’s differences is not easy. I love the dolls that have their story and can let the children appreciate each other. Love this project. Support!

Veronica L

I truly love the idea of this project. Especially since you don’t have diversity in every town and city. This way every child can see how multicultural the world is.

Svenja K.

I love this, thanks for making diversity more popular, thanks for sharing your story.
I backed it because I live in a multicultural environment, I want my nephews and friend’s kids to feel accepted and to know how to accept others, whether they are different or not.
Cheers from Switzerland :)

Joanie W

See how we kick started our project!

We have successfully crowdfunded through Indiegogo in May 2017.