Our Fair Trade collection is NOW on sale!

We're excited to announce the launch of our lovely Fair Trade collection!

It all started with our trip in summer 2017... Back then, I was invited to my bestie Kasuni 's wedding in Sri Lanka. 

Wedding in Sri Lanka

A fair trade company I researched before was located on the way to the wedding venue! "It's a great opportunity for me to potentially meet a new supplier and to learn more about fair trade principle in practice," I thought. So I went ahead to book a factory tour with the company.

Rafael was washing off sick during the road trip

The journey to the factory turned out to be a 6-hour rocky road with a 2-year-old toddler threw up😝 3 times on the way... we had to pull over to wash off the sick a few times but the visit was SO worth it!


Though the product development took much longer than I expected, the producer's attention to details never fail to impress me. The fabric of each product was hand woven by Sri Lankan artisans. We are proud to see that the products finally become reality and its quality is exquisite!

Label of Fair Trade Mr Globe

If you run a brick and mortar toy store and are interested in our fair trade collection, please feel free to get in touch at business@onedearworld.com.