Welcome to our newly launched Clothes Shop

We have recently teamed up with Rapanui Clothing (Teemill) to bring you a brand new range of clothing with our exclusive prints. All clothes are made of 100% certified organic cottonūüĆĪ

Not only can your children play with our dolls, they can now own an organic cotton T-shirt with a powerful quote from their favourite doll! 

One Dear World Clothes Shop - powered by Teemill

One Dear World Clothes Shop - powered by Teemill


In case you are curious about our new creation, we have put together a FAQ below.

Isn't One Dear World a toy company? Why clothes?

Our end goal is to produce beautifully designed products that inspire children to be future global citizens, so we are constantly exploring different ideas to expand our product range. The development of our T-shirts all started in early 2017 before we launched our crowdfunding campaign. We were thinking of ways to engage with a wider audience by offering perks other than soft dolls and children's book. After bench-marking a few similar crowdfunding campaigns, it came to our conclusion that designing a T-shirt was the best option, so that's how our 1st T-shirt design with a slogan "One kind word, one kind world" was born! 

1st T-shirt design

Then, on one weekend morning during the campaign, Rafael and I planned to visit the Greenwich Park with Alex, wearing the same T-shirt as our family outfit. As we got on the bus, I noticed one passenger was mumbling and making some gestures to me. It took me some time to realise that she had got speech problem and that she was trying to show me her appreciation on the T-shirt.

This incident got me thinking how we dress or even how we spend each of our penny reflects the value we believe in and that it can be passed on to other people. Our 1st T-shirt was a basic cotton T-shirt with very simple design, I thought I could do much better than that, so I took some time in last few months to create the design of this T-shirt range featuring each doll's favourite quote and also the global citizen range.

Why we chose to work with Teemill?

Having researched a few different digital printing companies and compared their products, we found that the quality of products from Teemill was the best and that their belief in sustainable fashion align with our vision to be respectful to our world.

To give you a bit of background, Teemill was started in a garden shed from the Isle of Wight in the UK and was founded in 2008 with an ambition to redesign the clothing industry to be more sustainable. 

A few more reasons why we work with them:

  • They make¬†their products from sustainable materials like Organic Cotton and they focus their work in traceable sourcing. You can scan the code inside every product we make and find out more info about its origins.
  • They¬†believe that the future of fashion lies within a¬†circular economy, so when you're done with the clothes, you can send old products back to them and cash in the material for store credit.
  • The company uses renewable energy in their supply chain. Their main supplier of organic cotton has its own wind farm, and their UK factory is powered entirely by renewables, mostly on-site solar.¬†

Winter is coming soon, how come there is no long sleeve tops for kids?

Alex need some for this winter, so we would love to offer long sleeve tops for kids too... However, Teemill is not currently offering long sleeve tops for kids. We have tried to source them from other digital printing companies on the other hand, but the sweaters/hoodies we found were not made of 100% cotton and the printing quality was not ideal, so we'd rather not offering them at all than offering something that is not good enough. Hopefully in the future, we could source them directly from a sustainable factory as we have a bigger demand!

One Dear World Clothes Shop - powered by Teemill