Dolls for All that Make an Impact

We run this campaign to fund the production of these inclusive disability dolls. They could only be produced if we get enough pre-orders by 21st November 2019 11:59pm!
Pre-order now to help bring the dolls to life and join us to create a more inclusive world!
P.S. Don't worry, you will be refunded if we don't get enough pre-order, but of course we will work hard to make this project happen!

Meet the dolls
Doll Claire: Experiences anxiety when she finds out her parents are separating; in support of Young Minds
Doll Daniel: Born with down syndrome and goes to primary school like others; in support of Downright Excellent and Upwards with Downs
Doll Emily: Had her right leg amputated after a car accident; in support of my AFK
Doll Fei: Born prematurely and became visually impaired; in support of Sightsavers
Doll Saroj: Had a bad ear infection when she was a toddler and now wears a hearing aid; in support of National Deaf Children's Society
Doll Will: A biracial autistic boy who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD; in support of Autistica
Wooden Wheelchair: Beautifully crafted mobility equipment made of pinewood; in support of Humanity & Inclusion (HI)

Key Features banner
Unboxing of the doll and little passport

Booklet that includes

Children reading little world passport

Designed with Love

We want the representation of disabilities in our dolls to be as positive and reflective of the reality as possible, that is why we put a tremendous amount of care and research into each One Dear World doll we design.

3 small pictures showing the details of the dolls including a prosthetic leg, One Dear World branded label and a hearing aid
From deciding details as little as the facial feature to outlining the back story of each doll, we spoke with parents and carers of children with different conditions and professionals in various fields.

Pictures of 3 child playing dolls that represents their conditions
We are glad to say that the interaction we had with children so far has been amazing!

Give back to good causes

Each doll supports a good cause the doll represents. We partner with Work for Good to give 10% of the sales to our charity partners.
Charities supported including my AFK, Autistica, Downright Excellent, Humanity and Inclusion (HI), Sightsavers, Upwards with Downs, Young Minds and National Deaf Children's Society

Pre-order NOW to make this project happen!