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Happy new year! Let’s start our commitment to make the world better

Happy New Year!

We hope 2016 had been a great year for you and your family.

The arrival of Alexander 21 months ago has kept us busy and at the same time gives us lots of rooms to think about life and how we want the world to be for him. 2016 is probably not the best year for a lot of us with intensifying conflicts around the world, yet we think we all can make a difference however little it is. Inspired by the diversified environment in London and bits and pieces in the journey of parenthood, we have created a collection of multicultural soft dolls and an e-book of their adventure in London. We believe they can bring self-appreciation to young children regardless their gender, ethnicity and religion, and at the same time respect for others who are different from them, which in turn makes the world a better place.

We plan to launch a kickstarter campaign to crowdfund this project in coming February and we’ll need a lot of help, from something small like product feedback, retweet or share on social media, to things like help on social media/PR strategy, proofreading & referral, to committing to get a pledge. That’s why we’re posting here asking for your help. It’ll do us a great favour if you can follow our social media platforms below and share them with your family and friends.


We wish you a fantastic new year filled with joy and happiness and let’s stay in touch in the new year.

May 2017 brings us all a brighter future!


Lots of love,
Rafael, Winnie & Alex